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August 06 2013


The renal diet that keeps the kidneys clean

According to the latest estimates provided by the American Society of Nephrology, an american in ten suffers, even without his knowledge, from chronic kidney disease (CKD).

A disease that, in their progressive evolution, leads to fatal condition of renal failure, that is the inability of the kidneys to function as a 'filter', eliminating the organism from slags and minerals in excess. In more serious conditions, the malfunction of the kidneys is necessary substitution treatment, represented by dialysis or transplantation. But the adoption of appropriate behaviors related primarily to the renal diet can slow or even reverse chronic kidney disease.


A kidney disease, according to experts, it requires early diagnosis and targeted treatment to prevent or delay is a condition of acute renal failure or chronic, is the occurrence of cardiovascular complications that are often associated.

In fact hypertension and diabetes inadequately controlled by drug therapy, prostate hypertrophy, kidney stones or tumors bulky to favor the onset as they reduce the normal flow of urine, increase the pressure within the kidneys and restricting the functionality.

Or even kidney damage can be caused by inflammatory processes (pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis) or by the formation of cysts in the kidneys (polycystic kidney disease) or chronic use of certain medications, alcohol and drugs consumed in excess.

A key role in alleviating the work of the already compromised kidneys, is played by diet, therefore, is the first prevention. It should be studied with a nutritionist or a nephrologist in order to maintain or achieve an ideal weight from one side and on the other reduce the intake of sodium (salt), and the consequent control of blood pressure, and / or other substances (minerals), without causing malnutrition or nutritional deficiencies. Particular attention should also be given to the levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and blood glucose.

kidney disease


The first rule, the experts recommend, to help patients with renal impairment especially when it is advanced, is to set up a feed low in protein, sodium and phosphorus.

  • Protein - should reduce the amount of protein foods especially of animal origin (meat, fish, eggs, meats, cheeses and dairy products) and to a lesser extent those of a plant (legumes), found mainly in main dishes include in your diet, if necessary , foods 'aproteici'. The latter (especially bread, pasta, flour, rice, crackers, biscuits, cookies) specially produced without protein are also available in supermarkets and enhance the 'taste' of the diet. Compared to the normal contributions, the proteins should be reduced by about 0.8 g per kg (depending on the individual's ideal weight) and be for 75% of high biological value.
  • Calories - The calorie intake should be about 35 kcal per kg (in relation to the person's ideal weight) per day if under the age of 60 years and to 30 Kcal aged less than 60 years. Under these values ​​long-term increases, in fact, the risk of malnutrition. The right caloric intake can be guaranteed in the diet by increasing the percentages of carbohydrates and lipids (except in the case of diabetes).
  • Phosphorus - The values ​​of this substance should be kept within 8-10 mg / kg body weight. To keep the phosphorus to the recommended values ​​is important to limit and / or avoid meats, dried beans, dried fruit, chocolate, yeast, shrimp and offal, egg yolk, flour and bran, unsweetened cocoa powder. Other foods such as milk, yogurt, cream, pasta, rice, fresh vegetables, barley, biscuits, fish, fresh cheeses (ricotta cheese, mozzarella) to have a moderate percentage, can be consumed in small amounts, and can be eaten freely (because do not have them), fresh fruit and vegetables, potatoes, jam, sugar, honey, olive oil and butter.
  • In order to further reduce the amount of phosphorus in foods is possible to keep them for 8-9 hours in the refrigerator before cooking, preferring then boiling in plenty of water to change halfway through cooking.
  • Sodium - Sodium is found in many foods and in large quantities. Care should be taken to table salt, avoid stock cubes, reduce the quantity and frequency of consumption of meats and cold cuts in general, foods in brine (capers, olives, meats and canned fish) and cheese.

March 15 2013


chronic kidney impaired function 44

  • MSG, a meals preservative, often identified in ease meals, packaged meals and Chinese food.

  • Protein. On a kidney diet, you are constrained to one particular small serving of about five to seven ounces of a protein, this sort of as eggs or red meat.

  • Deli fashion meats - they are loaded with sodium, as are salty treats.

  • Fluids - most individuals with kidney illness don't get adequate fluids, specifically h2o. But ingesting way too considerably also puts as well a lot of a stress on your kidneys. The day-to-day limit is forty eight ounces, and this includes food items that are mostly liquid this sort of as grapes, lettuce, tomatoes and oranges.

  • No beer, cola beverages, cocoa, chocolate and you will need to limit coffee and other food items or beverages with caffeine, this sort of as vitality beverages.

  • Right here are the 'good' meals you will be in a position to take in and take pleasure in. Fortunately, it is a generous listing - and this isn't all the 'healthies' you can have on healthful kidney diet program:

    • Practically any herbs (to incorporate flavour, in place of salt) and also pepper.

    • Rice and pasta

    • Wheat, bran and soybeans (tofu)

    • Unsalted variations of snack food items this sort of as popcorn and pretzels

    • Seafood these kinds of as shrimp, imitation crab (Pollock) and several varieties of fish

    • Hen and turkey

    • Most vegetables and fruits, which includes juice

    • Non-dairy creamer, rice and corn cereals, lemon-lime beverages such as pop (soda), root beer, iced tea, lemonade

    There are also differences in a healthful kidney diet based on your phase of kidney illness, if you have kidney stones and the sort of stones you have, or if you have other circumstances alongside with kidney ailment this sort of as gout or diabetic issues.

    Adopting a healthful kidney diet regime and healthier kidney way of life can not only gradual or even halt the disease, it might help your kidneys to partially recuperate.

    The very good news is that you may be in a position to avoid your kidneys turning into weaker.

    Even in a later stage of the condition, it is not too late to make this option, begin to feel greater, potentially keep away from dialysis and get your daily life back.

    It is a blunder medical doctors say they see regularly - that individuals with kidney condition truly feel hopeless to do everything to deal with their issue and come to feel healthier.

    If you're susceptible to kidney stones or simply have a heritage of kidney stones in your household, it may be clever to uncover and adhere to a Kidney Diet Strategy. Since kidney stones are fashioned by the crystals in your urine, there is a direct correlation to the things you consume and the formation of people crystals. By adhering to a specific diet program, you can usually times avert these distressing kidney stones from forming and avert kidney disease in your future.

    As is the scenario with most diet ideas, a kidney diet plan plan will have higher h2o content as a basis. By drinking tons of h2o, far more than the typical 6-8 cups a day, you will preserve your urine from turning out to be fairly so concentrated and the likelihood of forming stones will be decreased. chronic kidney disease, dialysis, kidney diet
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